Indian Corporate Law Service

Indian Corporate Law Service

The Indian Corporate Law Service abbreviated as ICLS, is one of the Central Civil Services and it functions under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

ICLS Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the ICLS exam is the same as for other services. Once the candidate clears the civil services and gets allotment to the Indian foriegn service as per his rank, he has to go through specified training.

ICLS Recruitment and Training

Presently there are two modes of recruitment of ICLS, first one is the direct recruitment conducted by UPSC commission and the second one is by upgrading the officers working under Group ‘B’ service. The existing ratio of both the forms of recruitment is 60%:40%.

The probationary officers of ICLS are trained in ICLS academy at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA). IICA takes up the task to accomplish the induction training for the probationary officers. The induction training programme is carried out for almost 10 months.

The Induction training pattern consists of a thorough knowledge on Indian Penal Codes, Provisions of Companies Act, Other Corporate Laws, Limited Partnership Act, Book Keeping & Accounts etc. After finishing the induction training programme successfully, the ICLS officers are placed at different administrative offices.

Based on their performances and ranking an ICLS officer serves as Regional Director (RD), with legislative authorization and as administrative head with roles of Central Government allotment as per the Companies act; RDs gain administrative control on all over the offices as Registrar of Companies (ROC), Official Liquidator (OL).


The ICLS exam 2016 notification has come and the last date of online application was on the 27th of may 2016. The date of prelims exam is 7th August 2016. The next exam will happen in 2016 around the same time.

ICLS syllabus

The syllabus for the civil services exam in 2016 and every other year is the same for the ICLS as well as other services. There is no difference whatsoever.

Indian Corporate Law Service Ranks and Salaries

Service Hierarchy

S.No. Existing Grade Pay Scale Existing Designation
1 Higher administrative Grade (HAG) Rs 69K-79K Directorate General of Corporate Affairs
2 Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) Rs 37,400-67,000+Grade Pay 10,000 1. Regional director 2.Director of inspection and Investigation 3. Director
3 Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) Rs 15,600-39,100+ Grade Pay 7,600 1. Registrar of companies, 2. Official liquidator, 3. Joint director, 4. Secretary, Company Law Board
4 Senior Time Scale (STS) Rs 15,600-39,100+Grade Pay 6,600 1. Registrar of companies, 2. Official liquidator, 3. Deputy registrar of companies, 4. Deputy official liquidator, 5. Deputy director
5 Junior Time Scale (JTS) Rs 15,600-39,100+Grade Pay 5,400 1. Registrar of companies, 2. Official liquidator, 3. Registrar of companies cum official liquidator, 4. Assistant registrar of companies, 5. Assistant official liquidator, 6. Assistant director, 7. Bench officer – Company Law Board.

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