Beginner Guide

Aspirants who begin this journey, naturally find themselves having many questions and few answers. They are usually in search for the best IAS coaching study material.

Questions that abound in their minds include:

  • How to prepare for IAS without Coaching?
  • How to start Preparation for IAS without Coaching?
  • How do I start my preparation?
  • What are the Study Materials for GS preparation for IAS?
  • How do I choose an optional?
  • Is one year enough to clear this exam?
  • How do I cover current affairs when the syllabus is so vast?
  • Where to download UPSC study materials/IAS study material PDF?

In fact, a good period of 3-4 months of valuable study time can easily be wasted away if such questions are not answered at the beginning of a preparation cycle.

To answer all your questions about UPSC Civil Services Exam and how to buy IAS study material PDF/IAS notes online, we at IASSTUDYPORTAL’s have launched a website which brings together all the UPSC related news, current affairs notes, video-based lectures on trending topics in the news, exam strategy focused articles (UPSC notes online) and much more in a single and convenient space for you to browse at leisure and read in a way that you won’t forget.

During this journey, an aspirant would need to traverse through the pages of history, march in lockstep with developments in current affairs by following international developments that can have far-reaching implications on India and the world in general, keep abreast with the cutting-edge developments in the field of science and technology, and finally be aware of the latest government initiatives and welfare schemes that further the objectives of the Preamble and the vision that our constitution-makers and freedom fighters had for our country.

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