Top 5 IAS Coaching Institutes in Ranchi

What is IAS?

Indian Administrative Service or the IAS is the dream of many Indian Youth. Today the youth of this country wants to serve the nation with pride and take part in the rapid development of the country. IAS is such a platform where one can work hard to bring a smile in the face of the common people. With the aim to serve the country and to be at a respectable position, more than 15 Lakh aspirants fill the form in the Civil Service Examination held by the Union Public Service Commission. Among the 15 Lakh, only a handful of them gets selected in the elite services.

With different steps of selection and vast syllabus, it becomes really hard for the students to get through the exam without any help. Questions are asked from different subjects like Geography, History, Polity, Currents affairs and many more.

Why Coaching for IAS is necessary?

With the cut-throat competition and with changing pattern of the examination, it becomes important for the aspirant to take guidance from reputed coaching institutes who have immense experience in teaching and guiding the students. Such coaching paves the way to crack the exam without much difficulty. Fresher lack of insights and knowledge to crack the exam and thus they tend to get lost in the huge syllabus of UPSC Exam.

Even though it is very much recommended for an aspirant to take coaching for preparing for the giant exam, but there are many other students who have cracked the exam without any coaching. But it is seen that they crack the exam in multiple attempts while the students who take coaching knows how to appear for the exam and they crack with least number of attempts.

Self-study vs Coaching

There are many arguments for and against the Coaching Institute. Many prefer to take coaching in order to get proper guidance, while many aspirants choose to do self-study. Self-study and Coaching have their advantage and disadvantages.

If the self-study can help the students to study by their own methods, they might lack proper techniques and end up studying a large number of books. While in the coaching class, the mentors guide the students what to study and what not to study. By this way, coaching prepares the students in a smarter way and makes them get ahead in the race.   Along with the techniques, Coaching institutes have their mock test and other materials which cannot be availed by the students who do Self-study. Coaching direction to the hard work of the aspirant and help them to shine bright in one of the toughest exams of India.

Offline Coaching vs Online Coaching

Today study is not limited to books, so thus the coaching institutes. Today due to a shortage of time and for the sake of convenience, Online Coaching Classes are being set up by many of the institutes. Online coaching offers aspirants and flexible time for preparation for the huge exam. Students can just log in to the websites and take the classes as per their convenience and learn wherever they want. While In the offline coaching class one needs to travel to the coaching institute and attend the class that takes place in a certain time.

It depends on the aspirant which mode of coaching they want to take. If online coaching gives them flexible timing, the offline coaching gives them one to one conversation with the teacher. If online coaching provides them with the freedom to study from anywhere, offline coaching helps them to clear their doubts in the classroom itself. Both the modes of coaching have advantage and disadvantage and thus it is the responsibility of the students to take up the classes as per their convenience.

How to select the best coaching institute in a Ranchi?

Every city in India offers different coaching services to the aspirants. From CDS Exam to IBPS examination, the students tend to get confused between all the different types of coaching Institutes.  Each coaching institute have its demerits and merits, and it becomes hard for the aspirants to choose the perfect one for them.

We have ranked some of the coaching institutes with the help of following points.

  • Faculty: Teachers are the backbone of any institutes. A skilled teacher can help the student to understand a topic in a better way and hence it becomes easy for the student to crack the exam in a single attempt.
  • Infrastructure: Proper classroom, study table, library and other basic amenities should be present in an Institute so that the students can focus on their studies without any disruption. Good infrastructure is very much necessary to help the student to attain their goal.
  • Course Content: Large numbers of courses are available in the coaching institutes today. From the preliminary exam to interview, varieties of courses are provided to the students.
  • Past Results:  The success of any institutes depends on the results of the students. The good result proves to be a milestone in the history of a coaching institute.
  • Value for Money: A aspirant need to invest a large sum of money to take the coaching services from a reputed institute. One needs to analyze that the money will be spent in the coaching can be a profitable investment or not.
  • Travel time and lodging facilities around the coaching institute: Many coaching institutes are located in the main city area. The Aspirant residing far from places need to commutes a long distance or they need to rent a place to reside near the institute. This factor also affects the selection of a Coaching Institute.
  • Competitive TEST Series:  Regular test help the student to evaluate the strength and weakness of their preparation. Quality test series can help the student stay ahead in the age of competition.
  • Online Resource:  No matter how much an aspirant ignores the value of the Internet, it becomes nearly impossible to study without the aid of Online resources. Quality coaching provides supplementary online materials so that they can prepare without any worry.
  • Doubt Sessions/When you’ll miss the class:  Many a time student miss certain classes and it becomes difficult to stick with the syllabus in the latter part. Many coaching provides an alternative if the aspirant misses any class or the coaching institute conducts doubt clearing sessions.
  • Special Focus on Interview Rounds: being the last and final stage of the selection process, the interview plays a major role. A good interview can lead to a good rank in the final list. And bad interview might lead to failure to secure a rank.  Many coaching provides with a large number of the mock interview to the aspirant who has passed the Mains exam.

Top 5 IAS Exams Coaching Institutes in Ranchi 2019

Based on the above points we have made a comparative study on the coaching institutes of Ranchi. Here are the lists of the top five institutes who provide quality coaching to the aspirants of Ranchi.

Chahal IAS

With the head office in New Delhi, the Chahal IAS has spread its wings in the heart of Jharkhand. Established by Mr. Chahal, the Chahal IAS is considered to be a top-notch coaching institute which resides in Ranchi. The Institute believes in ‘YOU’ and helps the students to live the dream of becoming a successful Civil Servant.

UPSC Exam Guidance – Structure of Exam | Syllabus of Preliminary Exam | Eligibility for IAS Exam

With a simple way of explaining the students and making the tough subject easy for the student, the Chahal Academy is striving towards its goal. Since the days of inception of the institute, it has successfully delivered its aim and chiselled civil servant out of a common man.

Free Downloads Past Papers

Special attention to every student and personalized help has made the institute a unique one.

Address:– Chahal Academy Private Limited-3rd floor, SMU Building ,Above Indian Overseas Bank, Purulia Rd,  New Barhi Toli, Ranchi-83400, Jharkhand

Contact Number:- 7284911227


Chanakya IAS Academy

Established in the Year 1993, by Success Guru Mr. A.K Mishra, Chanakya IAS Academy has created a brand name in the world of IAS Coaching Institutes. The Institute is named after the great Indian Philosopher Chanakya and it has carried the vision and ideology of the great scholar.

With the aim to develop competitiveness among the students and develop the right thinking, the branches of the institute are spread over many cities. Toppers like Gaurav Agarwal and Chandramohan Garg were once students the great coaching institute. Motivational sessions from A.K Mishra helps the students stay motivated in the long journey of UPSC. Such sessions help the students to stay focused towards their goal and crack the exam with shining color. Along with that, sessions on Ethics were regularly conducted so that the student after getting selected does not lose their morale and involves themselves in any unlawful act.

Catalyst IAS

With the changing pattern of the UPSC exam, the coaching institutes are also changing their way of teaching. Such changes are also brought by the Catalyst IAS in order to help the students to cope up with the changing pattern of UPSC. By providing the best material of UPSC the students of Catalyst IAS also learn the easy way to crack the exam.

With the help and guidance for all the stages of UPSC exam, the Catalyst IAS is working hard to make their student stand out of the crowd. Along with preparation for all the stages of UPSC, the institute also provides the candidates coaching for Ethics, essays and interviews. Along with the general studies, the students also learn deeply about the logical and reasoning way to solve a problem that arises in front of them.


One of the premier Coaching Institute of India, ALS have a brand name all over the country for delivering a large number of civil servant thorough UPSC. The aim of ALS is to lead the students and help them to clear the tough exam. The ALS IAS empowers the students with their coaching techniques and helps them to grow strong. They not only prepare a student to be a civil servant but also prepare the student to be an extraordinary citizen in the latter part.

The ALS IAS is famous for its teaching techniques. With great grip in the General Studies, a subject like history, polity, geography is taught to the student in both Hindi and English language. Along with that regular workshop, seminars, and self-study groups, the institute prepares the students to be the best. Such courses also build self-confidence and help them to grow strong in their preparation.

Uddan IAS Administrative Academy

Another top-notch institute located in Ranchi is the Uddan IAS Academy. Under the guidance of the Director Arun Agarwal, the institute has made huge success over the last few years. With proper guidance and proper teachings, the students of Uddan have touched the heights in the world of Civil Service.

Top Faculty from different parts of India are brought in the institutes to provide quality teaching to the students. Along with that, infrastructure like a library, hostel, wi-fi is other such facilities that are provided by the institute. Regular classes, a mentoring program, Test series and various other facilities are also provided by the institute so that the students can crack the exam with minimum efforts.


What is the eligibility for IAS exam?

Any person who is a graduate is eligible for sitting in IAS Exam. The candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognised University which is established either under the State Government or the Central Government. Again, any student who has appeared for final year examination is also eligible for the exam.

What is the age limit for IAS?

The minimum age to appear for the exam is 21 years. While the upper limit of age is 32 years for General, 35 Years for OBC, and 37 Years for ST/SC Candidates. Along with age, the numbers of attempts are also limited per candidate. A general Candidate can give 6 attempts, OBC can give 9 attempts and ST/SC have no limit.

How can I apply for IAS?

Applying for IAS is simple as one can visit the official site of UPSC and fill up the forms online once the notification is released for the year. The notification is released in the month of February or March and a candidate has 1 month to apply for the exam.

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