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Which Is The Most Opted Optional Subject In IAS?

Which Is The Most Opted Optional Subject In IAS?

The decision to choose an IAS Mains Optional subject is the toughest thing for the candidates who are preparing for the civil services. Aspirants must choose one optional paper for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, and it carries 500 marks out of 2025 marks.

Choosing an optional subject is the deciding factor in releasing the final ranks. The optional subject consists of two papers, and while making a decision, candidates must check their educational background, knowledge in the optional subject, and interest.

Applicants must take a wise decision by considering several factors. Most the aspirants ask “Which is the most opted optional subject in IAS?” To be honest the answer is none. Preparation plans and studying methodologies differ from person to person.

Applicants must come to a conclusion by analysing their area of interest, as there is no particular optional subject to choose. Read the entire article, it will definitely help the candidates who are in a dilemma while choosing an IAS Mains Optional subject.

Scoring Subjects

Most of the aspirants choose an optional subject that can help them score more marks. Public administration and geography are the best subjects that can fetch more marks in the IAS exam. If we look at the past few years, most of the people have been scoring 350+ marks in public administration.

Popular Optional Subjects

If candidates want to know the most popular optional subject in IAS Mains Exam, then definitely geography, history, psychology, public ad and sociology are the best optional subjects.

Sociology is very easy to understand, and the topics covered in it are related to the society that we are a part of. History is the most popular one, as we are aware of the subject from our schooling days.

Choose The Subject As Per The Previous Background

If you have done your graduation or master’s degree in some subject, then opt for the same subject in Combined Civil Services Examination. It will really help the aspirants to crack the exam, as they are already familiar with the subject.

Rules That Might Help You In Choosing The Right Optional Subject

  • The subject opted must excite you.
  • The optional subject must make you to think out of the box.
  • The study material and books must be readily available.
  • The subject must not make you to sleep while studying or learning.
  • It must make you want to know more about the subject.

Availability Of Study Group, Study Material And Coaching

This is the most important factor to be considered while selecting the optional subject. It is impossible to crack the Civil Services Examination without having proper study material and a mentor. But before you decide to join a coaching institute, analyse whether you really need coaching for the UPSC exam.

Look At The Syllabus Of Your Favourite Subject

Don’t blindly choose the subject without checking the syllabus. The subject might interest you, but it might take up a lot of your preparation time. Check the topic-wise syllabus and choose the optional subject wisely. Look at other optional subjects, and analyse those subjects’ syllabus before you make a decision.

What To Avoid While Choosing The Optional Subject

  • Never choose an optional subject just because most of the candidates are opting for that subject.
  • Don’t pick the subject solely based on the decision of the past years’ toppers.
  • Choose the optional subject as per your interest, don’t opt the subject because most of your friends or relatives have suggested it.
  • Don’t follow others; choose the subject based on your area of interest.

Multipurpose Usage

  • Select only those subjects which will help you in general studies papers like history, public administration, political science, economics and geography.
  • If you choose physiology and sociology it might help you in essay writing and with the ethics paper.

Consider all these factors in choosing the optional subject, which will make your preparation easy, and help you in scoring more marks.

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