Top 5 IAS Coaching Institutes in Dehradun

Indian Administrative Service or the IAS is one of the topmost preferred services in the vast land of India. While the popularity of the IAS examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission has increased in the last few decades, the history of the examination can be traced back before the Independence of India from the British Rule. Today, IAS and other allied service examinations are conducted by UPSC through a common examination called Civil Services Examination. Each year UPSC conducts the examination so that they can select the best out the crowd and make them an asset for the country.

IAS Examination and Its Syllabus

The whole examination is divided into three phases i.e. Preliminary, Mains and the Interview. The syllabus of the examination ranges from different topics and subjects. Along with the Static Questions from Polity, International Relations, History, Geography, Economics, Science and Technology; questions are also being asked from Current Events happening all over the world. Aspirant need to take a balanced approached while preparing for the examination.

Why Coaching for IAS is necessary?

Preparing for IAS is not easy if an aspirant does not the methodology for the study. As the syllabus for the examination is vast, one needs proper guidance and direction in order to crack the examination with minimum attempts. A good coaching center can mentor the aspirants to achieve their goal and make their dreams come true. Coaching enables the aspirants to study with focus and clear the exam with minimum efforts. Competition for the examination is very high in the current competitive world. To stay ahead in the race, quality guidance by a coaching center can create a miracle in the life of an aspirant.

What are the chances of clearing the examination without Coaching?

Though most of the aspirants prefer to take coaching, there are a few who have cleared the exam without any coaching. But it is seen that people who have taken coaching clear the exam with least efforts. And people who do not take coaching are seen to clear the examination with lots of efforts and number of attempts.

Self-study vs Coaching

To clear the examination, one needs to do self-study extensively. A coaching center can only provide an aspirant with guidance and facilities to clear the exam. But to clear the examination an aspirant need to do continuous self-study in order to achieve the goal.

Tough self-study is necessary one cannot ignore the importance of coaching while preparing for the examination. The benefit of taking a coaching center is that one can know what are the topics one needs to study and what are to be omitted in order to be effective. Such selective study makes an aspirant study in a smart way.

Self-study is can be effective if one knows what to study, while coaching helps the aspirant to do selective study. Self-Study can be confusing for lots of people but coaching helps people to avoid any confusion while studying. Again, self-study without any guidance can become dull and one can lose the spark for the studies; while in the coaching class, the mentors continuously motivate the aspirants so that they can crack the exam with least efforts.

Offline Coaching vs Online Coaching

Today in the modern world, the Internet has taken over many traditional things. Coaching today has moved from the traditional classes to digital classes so that the aspirant from all over the place can prepare for the examination.

What are the key differences between Offline Coaching vs Online Coaching?

Offline Coaching is the coaching centers where an aspirant can visit the coaching institute physically and take the classes. While Online Coaching is those where the students can sit in their home or any other place and take the classes through the Internet.

Which is Better? Offline or Online?

Both offline coaching and online coaching have its advantage and disadvantages. In online coaching, one does not need to travel to the coaching center in order to attend the classes and thus it saves the time of the aspirant. While online coaching is convenient, offline classes are better as the aspirant can clear any doubt directly in the classes. Online classes are preferred mostly by the working professionals while the offline classes are preferred by the fresh students.

How to select the best coaching institute in Dehradun?

Today every top city in India has large coaching institutes that claim to do a miracle in helping the students for preparing for the prestigious exam. But there are certain things that an aspirant need to analyses before selecting a coaching institute for preparation. Here is the list of the things one need to see before enrolling into a coaching center.

  • Faculty: Faculty is the most important part of a coaching institute. Good faculties can help the aspirant to understand the subject easily.
  • Infrastructure: A good environment is necessary to prepare for the examination. Proper infrastructure can help the student in creating a better environment for studies.
  • Course Content: Different courses are available in a different coaching institute. One needs to analyze what type of course they need and how will be they benefitted.
  • Past result: A good coaching institute helps the students to attain its goal easily. Coaching institute which has good track records is preferred by most of the students.
  • Value for money: Coaching does not come with a small amount of money. One needs to invest a good sum of money for the coaching classes. One should choose an institute that gives the full value for money.
  • Hostel or lodging facilities in the coaching: Those aspirants that come from far places need accommodation and food. It should be checked if the coaching institute provides it or not.
  • TEST Series: Aspirants in order to secure more marks need to give mock test. The value of the test series should not be ignored. Successful coaching institutes should prepare quality test paper so that the students can crack the exam.
  • Online Resources:  Many coaching institutes today provides quality materials like current affairs and other online materials for the students. One should look for such materials that help the student to learn faster and easier.
  • Doubt Clearing Options: Good coaching institute should have interactive sessions where one can clear doubts while they miss any class. Such sessions help to build the confidence of the students.
  • Interview sessions: Interview is the final and most crucial stage of this examination. Coaching institutes that conduct mock interviews are preferred by most of the students.

Top 5 IAS Exams Coaching Institutes in Dehradun

Dehradun, the abode of the hills is in the top list of the state from where the students have cleared the exam. In 2019 UPSC CSE 3 students from Uttarakhand are in the top 50 ranks. Such ranks bring glory to the state and help the other aspirant to boost up their morale. Apart from CSE, Dehradun also contributes to many other important services. Here is the list of top five institutes in Dehradun that contributes to the making of a Civil Servant in the Indian Society.

Chahal Academy

Established and led by Mr. Sumesh Chahal, Chahal Academy is one of the finest academies in Dehradun. With the vision and aim to motivate young Aspirants, the Chahal Academy is helping the students to achieve their dreams. With high profile faculties from Delhi and other subject experts, the academy ensures that no stone is left unturned in the preparation of UPSC exam. The faculties make sure that all the students get equal attention and get their doubts cleared in the classes. The academy makes sure that the students get proper insights into the subject and understand it deeply from the core.

The faculties also teach the students special tricks and shortcuts to remember the things and make learning an easy process. Such techniques ensure that the students stay ahead in the race and crack the exam with least amount of effort.

Apart from that, the students are also engaged in special interactive classes so that they can learn the topics in deep. Such quality teaching has lead in producing good numbers of Civil Servants each year.

Address:-Chahal Academy Private Limited-Near Balliwala Chowk, General Mahadev Singh Road, Kanwali Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand-248001



Rawat’s IAS Academy

Established in the year 2006, Rawat’s IAS Academy is another finest IAS coaching academy in Dehradun. The academy which is run and managed by Mr. Rawat is able to produce a large number of civil servants since induction. Mr. GS Rawat, who is a prominent educationalist holds 15 master degrees and is also mentor to the aspirants of Civil Service Aspirants. Many students of Mr. Rawat are now in a prestigious position like IFS, IRS, IRS etc. Apart from the Civil Service Examinations, Rawat’s IAS Academy was also able to guide aspirants for Defense Forces.

The academy is equipped with good infrastructure and thus it helps the students to prepare in a better way. Along with that, special attention is also given to the students. The aspirants can also take up demo classes before joining the academy. Group discussion, mock interviews, outdoor activities are also the part of the curriculum which helps the students to develop their personalities.

Vedanta IAS/PCS

Since the establishment of the Vedanta IAS in the year 2006 Vedanta IAS has been doing tremendous work in making the students achieve their dream for clearing the civil service exam. Along with the UPSC exam, the institute also helps the students to secure a good rank in the state civil service exam. The innovative idea of teaching and out of the box thinking makes the institute a unique one.

With interactive student-teacher classes, the Vedanta Academy is able to produce a large number of successful candidates.  IAS, IFS, UK PCS and many more ranks are secured by the students of the Vedanta IAS Academy.

Atulya IAS Academy

With the motto to Guide the students through the tough exam, Atulya IAS Academy helps the students to work hard to achieve the dream of becoming civil servants. The Atulya IAS Academy helps the students to develop Officers like Quality so that they can not only be successful in cracking the exam but also be successful in real life. They Prepare the student for a long run where the students can shine bright in their life.

Atulya IAS helps the Students to prepare for the exam in an integrated manner. Along with that the academy also helps the students to prepare for the exam with the mock test. Special classes, current affairs magazine and many other facilities are provided by the institute to help the student to grow tall in life. Weekend and Hindi medium batches are also available in the academy. The Faculties of the institute are also experienced in teaching the subject and thus it helps the students immensely.

Samveg IAS

With different course made available, Samveg IAS is another Top-Notch Institute that helps the students to lead the way towards the Civil Service exam. Different course for Prelims, Mains, Essay and other, Samveg IAS is striving towards its goal to help the students.

With Step by step process towards the exam, the academy is creating milestones by producing a large number of successful students.

  • Address: Old Plaza, Nehru Colony, Haridwar Road, Dehradun.
  • Website:
  • Contact Number: 08475904943
  • Email: samvegias@gmail(dot)com


What is the eligibility for IAS exam?

To appear for IAS Exam, one need to be a graduate in any discipline.

What is the age limit for IAS?

The candidate should be a minimum of 21 years and the upper age limit for General, OBC, ST/SC are 32, 35, 37 years respectively.

How can I apply for IAS?

An aspirant can apply for the exam when the notification is published every year in the month of February or March. One can visit the UPSC website and fill up the form online in order to complete the application process.

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