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A student who wants to appear for the exam of IAS, should exactly know everything about IAS, before jumping into it. Thus, whenever a student comes to NIRVANA he is given detailed information about the examination pattern, and also about the institute because they think that a student should also know what his teachers shall be expecting from him and what can he expect from them. The teaching method that is followed at NIRVANA is also explained in detail.

Nirvana IAS Review 2023

This IAS Academy in Delhi use IRPO method keeping in mind contemporary trends. Under this method all research work would be done by them. They provide you what you ought to read which saves your time and they help you use that time for practice. That is why IRPO gives you the edge.

They not only prepare you for exams rather our effort is to make you an “Enlightened” (aware and confident) person. In other words we impart “Officer-Like” qualities in you which is what UPSC is looking for.

Nirvana IAS try to provide you the best IAS coaching possible.

Courses Offered by Nirvana IAS

It offered the given below courses for UPSC-IAS preparation in Delhi:

  • Law
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • History
  • General Studies/CSAT

Director’s Message

Dear Aspirants,

Civil Services as a career option is a good choice as it service not only gives you the job security but also gives you an opportunity to serve the society in a better way. UPSC Civil Services exam gives an equal opportunity to the candidates from all sections of the society to be a part of the Indian Administrative system.

We all know that the qualities required to become a civil servant cannot be acquired overnight. In order to help you to achieve these qualities to crack UPSC CSE, Nirvana IAS Academy, the best IAS Coaching in Delhi will support and guide you with the best strategy suitable to your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Is IAS Exam really the most difficult to crack?

How easy or difficult a paper is, is directly proportionate to the level of preparation of a candidate. The same is true for IAS exam also. The hype surrounding the UPSC IAS exam makes candidates jittery and they start reading whatever comes there way without even knowing whether particular IAS notes, IAS books or other IAS study material are relevant for the IAS preparation or not. Two decades back the biggest problem that any IAS aspirant had to face was lack of notes, books and best IAS coaching in the market, and today the biggest problem faced by any IAS aspirant is too much of UPSC study material and huge number of IAS coaching institutes available in the market. So it becomes very important that one should exactly know: What to read? , From Where to read? & How much to read?

If one tries to read even 20% of the UPSC study material that is available in the market, the IAS preparation becomes a five year plan. That’s where the best IAS coaching can help you. NIRVANA IAS ACADEMY, the best IAS coaching in Delhi has evolved a new method for UPSC IAS exam; we call it the IRPO [Intensive Research and Practice Oriented] method.

What is IRPO?

The biggest problem that any UPSC aspirant faces during his IAS exam preparation is time management and most of the time goes, in searching for the relevant IAS study material – books for IAS and how much to study from them.  For example there is a 600 page book available in the market but there are only 30-40 pages in that book that is worth your attention, but you end up reading the entire book twice, may be thrice and in the process end up wasting a lot of time. That is where the best IAS coaching institute can help you.

At NIRVANA IAS Academy, we do all the research for you and you get in class what you ought to read and hence you end up saving a lot of time. Then we use that time in practice by conducting regular test series for both IAS prelims and IAS mains with answer writing practice and guess papers. That’s why IRPO gives you the edge for your IAS exam preparation.

I welcome you to Nirvana IAS Academy, where your hard work will be integrated with our strategy and experience in achieving your goals successfully.

All the best in your endeavor to become a civil servant.


Nirvana IAS Academy Fee Structure

Available Courses at Nirvana IAS Academy
Fees of Nirvana IAS in Delhi
General Studies (Pre-Cum-Main) with CSAT
General Studies (Prelims) with CSAT
General Studies (Mains)
Optional Subject (Law, Political Science, History)
Complete Package: General Studies (Pre-cum-Mains)
with CSAT + Optional Subject
Interview Guidance: Mock Interview

Contact Details of Nirvana IAS Academy

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