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What is the total cost of IAS coaching in Delhi?

What is the cost of IAS Coaching in Delhi?

Delhi is the nucleus of all the top IAS coaching centers in our country. That is why a huge number of candidates move to Delhi to start their UPSC Civil Services Exams preparation. Therefore, Expenses incorporated while preparing for IAS are ever-increasing yet the craze for civil services is unmatched. It is surprising to see that the hefty fees of IAS coaching and disguised overhead living expenses in metro cities do not seem to discourage the IAS aspirants from coming to these exam hubs for preparation. This blog guides you through the steps of achieving your goal of studying an IAS Coaching in the Delhi.

The major reason behind the success of all IAS agglomerate educational hubs is the long-term attractive fruits attached with the civil services. If a cost-benefit analysis is done on civil services preparation in major cities, the categorization of expenses is done on the basis of the place (city) to study, type of guidance (coaching or without coaching) and number of attempts.

Let’s analyze the basic or the most minimal cost incurred to initiate the preparation of the most prestigious exam of the nation. What is Role of Coaching in IAS preparation?

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Top Factors That Determine Cost of IAS Coaching in Delhi

You’ve decided to enroll in an IAS coaching in Delhi. This is an excellent decision because Delhi is one of the top cities to prepare in this field.

However, while you plan your academic future in this City, you must first understand the IAS coaching in Delhi fees in Indian rupees.

Four factors contribute to the IAS coaching fees in Delhi for UPSC aspirants such as:

  • Cost of Studying IAS coaching In Delhi for UPSC aspirants
  • Cost of Living Included In The IAS coaching in Delhi fees
  • Other Essential Costs Included In The Cost of IAS coaching in Delhi
  • Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Costs Included In The UK MBBS Fees

Let’s learn about each of them one by one.

Total Cost & Fees For IAS/UPSC Coaching in Delhi

IAS coaching in Delhi fees are the number one cost factor you need to consider. IAS coaching in Delhi for UPSC preparation fees vary from one university to another. However, a reasonable institute charges anywhere between Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 2,35,000/- for the UPSC courses. The total cost of UPSC preparation in Delhi includes accommodation, food, and the other facilities that you avail of. A comprehensive IAS course fee structure covers all three stages (PRE+MAIN+INTERVIEW) of Civil Services Exam preparation.

Thus to give you a better overview of the cost of IAS coaching in Delhi for UPSC preparation, here is the list of the top 10 IAS coaching in Delhi fees structure:

It is advisable to check the individual fee structure for the course at the Institute’s official website.

Cost of Living Included In The IAS Coaching Fees

Another cost that is vital in consideration of IAS coaching in Delhi fees is living expenses. Students should be aware of the living costs and arrange for sufficient funds accordingly.

On average, a student will require 10k a month to live in Delhi. These costs to live in Delhi will vary based on multiple factors such as:

  • Best Places to Live in Delhi for UPSC preparation?
  • What housing will you choose, such as hostels, Paying guests, private rooms etc.?
  • What is the lifestyle choice of a student? etc

On average, this is the expected cost of the common living expenses:

Accommodation £ 480- £907/month
Food £ 290- £410/month
Transport £ 121/month

Depending on the place or the city you choose to initiate your UPSC preparation, the cost incurred will vary. For example, the expenses of common necessities like room rent, three-time meal, electricity, water supply and transportation are expensive in a metro city like New Delhi and Lucknow as compared to cities like Indore, Jaipur or Chandigarh.

The major agglomerate areas for IAS preparation in New Delhi are mostly colonies with posh localities and hence the living expenses are very high. If we take an average, a single room near the coaching centre (to compensate traveling expenses) in New Rajinder Nagar (if you are appearing in the exam in English medium) including all necessary amenities will be worth 15k plus library and internet connection charges.

On the other hand, in Mukherjee Nagar (mostly IAS Aspirants with the Hindi language as their medium) and other places, a single room with all amenities (rent plus food plus electricity plus water expenses) might be around 10k.

Meanwhile, if you decide to prepare from cities other than the capital, you might save some money like in Allahabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Indore. Apart from the expenses in living in a new city, there are certain other expenses like a good coaching, transportation and extracurricular activities.

One more attractive option is to prepare from home. Many aspirants have opted for this option in the past few years as it is convenient for a student to concentrate more on studies if all the other basic facilities like food and all are taken care of. While preparing for IAS from home all an aspirant requires is a good internet connection and will to work hard.

Moreover, you can opt for online coaching which is usually cheaper than going all the way to a new city to take coaching. A good postal course, study material and a comprehensive test series all can be adapted as per the time and nature of preparation permits. In a nutshell, an aspirant is himself the creator of his/her IAS Preparation.


There are numerous coaching institutes in India for IAS exam preparation, but very few of them provide a proper guidance and teaching of the whole syllabus of civil services. On the other hand, many of them are just passing the time and earning the money. If you are coming all the way from your home to study in a different city, it is usually because of better coaching facilities, so you would want to join a top rated coaching institute.

And if you analyze about the fee structure of all these coaching institutes then you will not find out every major course coaching demands more than 1 lakh and 50000 INR with the entire study material. And the fee structure in some other courses like the essay, test series and current affairs keeps about 40-50000 INR for the complete study.

Coaching includes the following pointers

• Complete Course for Both IAS Prelims and IAS Main Examination: 70k-1.5lakh
• Optional subject coaching: 30k-50k
Test series of UPSC Prelims as well as mains: 10k-20k
• Separate coaching for certain courses like the Essay, CSAT, compulsory paper of English and regional language: 10k-20k
• Some special course on current affairs and magazines: 5k-10k

The fee structure might vary from place to place, but if a range needs to be set, the whole coaching for UPSC combined with all the above relevant courses should range between 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh.

All the above expenses included are only the fee charged by the coaching institutes, it should be complemented by study material like all standard books, monthly and yearly magazines with a daily newspaper subscription, printed notes and solved papers for all subjects.


The first attempt is always the best attempt. The energy and enthusiasm decrease per attempt and so do the expenses. When you are a beginner, you need more guidance as you are totally new to the concept of preparing for the toughest examination in the nation. Hence, the major expenses like living alone away from home and coaching for general studies plus optional is usually incurred in the first attempt.

By the time you reach your second attempt or third attempt, most of the aspirants choose to move back home and continue their studies from there. This time, money is spent on test series, latest current affairs material and some small course to brush up the skills before the examination. Some aspirant might also opt for some crash courses of online courses to keep their IAS preparation streamlined with the new trend. This is seen in the fourth or fifth attempt.

Conclusion of What is the Cost for IAS Coaching in Delhi?

Although, there is no essential need to spend anything except time and hard work in the IAS preparation, but it depends on you how serious you are for preparing for UPSC. If you have a good internet facility, you don’t even need coaching.

Cost-benefit analysis is there is every career, but the aspirants need to analyze whether it’s worth the pain. Irrespective of all the costs and hard times which come with the IAS Preparation journey, it does give a lot of personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment especially if you intend to serve the people. Civil Service is an unparalleled career in the country in all aspects. The benefits outweigh all the cost.

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