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Ansar Ahmad Shaikh (21 yrs old)- Auto Driver’s Son

Ansar Sheikh Wiki: Inspiring Biography of the Youngest IAS Officer of India

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh, hailing from a marginalised family in the Jalna village of Maharashtra, made history by becoming the youngest candidate to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam at the age of 21, with an all India rank of 361 on his very first attempt in 2015. Despite his vulnerable economic conditions, Ansar excelled in his studies, eventually landing in a prestigious college course of B. A in Political Science, Pune. With a strong will and dedication, he worked 12 hours a day straight for three consecutive years while preparing for his UPSC exam, ultimately triumphing over all obstacles, including religious discrimination.

This remarkable achievement of coming from a poor conservative Muslim family is commendable, and has become an inspiration for many poor aspirants striving to make a mark. According to this budding civil servant, his background has provided him with a greater insight into the horizontal differences that exist in the society, and his own experience with social ostracisation has provided him with a unique perspective on how to effectively address deep-rooted problems.

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