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IAS Motivational Story : Govind Jaiswal

Govind Jaiswal (AIR 48, 2006): His Long Walk to IAS - Civilsdaily

There are some such things of childhood which touch the heart, but the pain of those things remains for the whole life. This story is also similar. It happened that once a child went to his friend’s house while playing.

When the friend’s father came to know that his father was a rickshaw puller, he said to the child, “How dare a small family boy like you come to our house” and insulted him and threw him out of his house.

The name of that child is Govind Jaiswal and today he is an IAS officer. Govind Jaiswal is a resident of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is said that Govind used to put cotton in his ears in his house so that no sound of any kind could disturb him. At the age of 22, Govind Jaiswal passed the UPSC exam in which he got 48th rank.

Friends, never consider yourself and others useless or small in life because no one can guess who is going to become what tomorrow. If Govind Jaiswal had lived life according to the taunts of the people, then he might not have become anything in life, but on the basis of his hard work, dedication and studies, he achieved that position, about which the people of his locality had never even dreamed of. Could think

We should never make ourselves weak by listening to people’s taunts, but keeping people’s taunts as our motivation, we should make such a goal in our mind, after completing which the mouths of those people should remain open, who always Taunts you.

Lessons that we get from this inspirational story:-

This success story also teaches us that it is not necessary to be rich or poor to be successful, it is only necessary that our intentions are firm. People who are unable to do anything in life because of their poverty and consider themselves unsuccessful.

Actually they fail in life not because of their poverty but because of their weak intentions and weak goals, so keep right goals and strong intentions. You will definitely get success.

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