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IAS officer became an IAS officer by selling tea on handcart and teaching tuition, such is the story of Himanshu Gupta’s struggle…

Travelling 70 Km for School to Cracking UPSC Without Coaching: IAS' Inspiring Journey

Success Story: Himanshu sold tea with his father in his childhood. At the same time, he had decided to do something better. Read the story of struggle-

Civil Service Exam (UPSC Civil Service Exam) is considered to be the most difficult among the most difficult examinations of the Union Public Service Commission. That’s why people have to work hard to become an IAS. Due to lack of education resources, many people are not even able to prepare for it. Students of many small places dream of becoming IAS and many times they make it come true. Similar is the story of Himanshu Gupta, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, who not only passed the UPSC exam despite poverty, but also proved to be an IAS officer. Let’s know the story of his struggle-

The story of Himanshu Gupta, born in Uttarakhand, is such that he used to sell tea at a tea cart with his father; Because they did not have the necessary resources to get success. Even father’s earning was not so much that he could provide better facilities to Himanshu. Himanshu, when he saw illiterate people unable to count money on their fingers while helping his father, he decided to change his life through studies.

Used to travel 70 kilometers daily for studies

In an interview given to the media, Himanshu Gupta shared his story and said that I used to work with my father after going to and from school for studies. My school was 35 km away, so the daily commute was 70 km. Used to go in a van with my friends (classmates), so whenever the van passed by my cart, I used to hide. But once someone had seen me, later everyone started making fun of me. Then I was called ‘Chaiwala’. He further told that ignoring all these, I concentrated on my studies and helped my father whenever I got time. Together we used to earn Rs 400 a day to run our household.

Inspired by tea cart

Please tell that Himanshu Gupta’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty. His childhood was not like that of ordinary children. Earlier Himanshu’s father used to work on daily wages, but after some time he started setting up a tea stall. During this, Himanshu understood the importance of education, while selling tea, he saw many people who had problems counting money on their fingers. At the same time, he decided that he would change his life only by making education a tool.

Successful in UPSC exam 3 times

In the year 2018, Himanshu Gupta passed the UPSC exam for the first time. During that time he was selected for the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS). After this, he took the exam again in the year 2019 and was selected for IPS in the second attempt and still did not give up, then in the year 2020 he became IAS in the third attempt.

Failed in the first attempt

Himanshu Gupta came to Delhi after completing class 12th. In an interview given to the media, Himanshu told that my dreams were big. Papa often used to say, ‘If you want to make your dreams come true, then study!’ So that’s what I did. I didn’t speak English, so I used to buy English movie DVDs and watch them to learn. He further said that I used to search for colleges in which I could apply from my father’s old phone with 2G connection. I scored well in my boards so I got admission in Hindu College.

This is the first time that Himanshu reached a metro city. He never even did coaching due to lack of money. He prepared for UPSC without coaching although he failed in the first attempt. After that he started doing MPhil, Himanshu completed his theses in the year 2019 March and a month later the result of the year 2018 exam came in April 2019. In which he got 304 rank. The happiness of Himanshu and his family knew no bounds.

Let us tell you that after coming to Delhi till further studies, Himanshu Gupta did many other things along with his studies to solve the problem of money. He took tuitions, wrote paid blogs and secured scholarships wherever possible. This is how his education was completed. Himanshu Gupta, who became an officer in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) after getting AIR 139th rank in UPSC’s CSE 2020, is currently on training at LBSNAA, Mansoori, Uttarakhand. Earlier, he had also trained in SVPNPA as an Indian Police Service (IPS).

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