IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Biography, Education and Story

Sanjita Mohapatra is an IAS officer who is part of the batch of Civil service examination 2019. IAS Sanjita Mohapatra is popular and famous for cracking the Union Public Services examination without taking coaching classes with All India Rank 10th.

Social media

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra is also quite popular on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She joined twitter in August, 2011 and got 16.4k followers and 207 following as of february 2022. IAS Sanjita Mohapatra became a more famous woman because of her Union civil services examination cracking with rank 10th. Therefore she has been looked up as an inspiration by many though has a good fan following.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra Education

She has completed her schooling from Chinmay vidyalaya ( E.M), Rourkela City of odisha state of India. Chinmay vidyalaya is an Indian school in the chhend colony of Rourkela City of odisha state of India. The school was established in 1992 with the contribution of the central Chinmay mission trust, Rourkela. It is affiliated to the Indian certificate of secondary education ( ILSR) pattern of education, New Delhi.

After schooling, she has completed her bachelors of technology in mechanical engineering from the college of engineering and technology in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. The college of engineering and technology was the former name of odisha University of technology and research. It is a public technology unitary University under the state government of odisha located in Bhubaneswar which is also a capital of odisha, india.

Early life and career

Before cracking her union civil services examination, she had worked for five years at the Rourkela steel plant (RSP) as an assistant manager. The Rourkela steel plant is the first integrated steel plant in the public sector in India. It was set up with West Germany collaboration with an installed Capacity of one million tonnes in the 1960s. It is operated by the steel authority of India.

Apart from these, IAS Sanjita Mohapatra had also qualified for the Odisha’s state public services commission with rank second, but she was not able to join because she also cleared the union civil services examination which she had always dreamt of becoming an IAS officer.

Now, she is an IAS officer and allocated to the Maharashtra cadre to the Indian administrative service(IAS) on the basis of civil services examination (CSE) 2019.

Birth and family

Sanjita Mohapatra was born in 1990 in Sundargarh, odisha, india, but her actual birthday is not available on the internet.

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra was brought up in a brahmin family. The title Mahapatra belongs to the Brahmin caste. The title mahapatra was given to a person from the later Vedic age and was normally given as an honor for serving the country with constant and highly leading oriented efforts.

She has got married to Biswaranjan Mundari who is a manager at the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai.

Her father’s name is Shaktipasa Mahapatra and mother’s name is Anjali Mahapatra. The information of their children is not available.

Advice by IAS Sanjita Mohapatra

IAS Sanjita Mohapatra advises those preparing for UPSC that this journey is very long and in the end no one is left with you except yourself. So keep motivating yourself, no one else will be able to do this work for you. When you decide to take this exam, then you know that it is the toughest exam in the country, so obviously success will not come easily or without difficulties. Therefore, when there are difficulties in the way or it takes time to get success, then do not lose courage and consider it as a part of the journey.

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