IAS Tanu Jain: Biography, Career, Life Story and Facts

Tanu Jain Biography and Career

You might have seen this decent face on Drishti IAS youtube videos taking mock tests and asking questions very politely. Yes, IAS Tanu, you are right. Today we are going to tell you her full story and current activities. In this article we are going to talk about the biography, career, and family of Tanu Jain so read the article till the end.

How she became a doctor and later became a UPSC topper and all you need to know about her will be covered in this article. We have tried to collect only the genuine parts of her biography otherwise there are many things in her name that are complicated to verify.

At this time Dr. Tanu Jain is appointed to the post of Assistant Director in DRDO. Apart from this, she is also associated with Drishti IAS where she takes mock interviews of UPSC students. And along with all this, she is also a motivational speaker who guides the students of IAS and UPSC.


Doctor Tanu Jain takes mock interviews in Drishti IAS and has been a UPSC topper in 2014. She was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh. Tanu Jain is a doctor-turned IAS officer. She completed her MBBS from Subharti Medical College, Meerut. After completing BDS from Meerut, she started studying for UPSC exams.

Tanu Jain took the prelims exam for the first time in 2012 to become an IAS but she did not get success.

In 2014 she passed UPSC in her third attempt and in 2015 she was appointed to the Armed Forces Headquarters Service.

She currently resides in Delhi.

Short biography and family of Tanu Jain

She comes from a business family, so because of this, she did not get the competition and professional environment from childhood that is required to clear a tough exam like UPSC. According to him, it was a big challenge when he started preparing for UPSC.

Dr. Tanu Jain received his early education from Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri. Where she got 94% marks in the 12th examination. Then during the medical examination, her father had an accident and he was badly injured. Due to this, he had to spend in bed for 2 years.

After her father got injured, Tanu felt that she would not be able to do anything. But her father gave full support to the daughter by encouraging Tanu to pursue medical studies.

After which Tanu completed her BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree from Subharthi Medical College, Meerut. Even after becoming a Dr. Tanu was not happy with her work.

But when she felt that she could not serve more people by becoming a doctor, she passed the UPSC exam in 2014. She was the topper in the whole country.

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Short biography facts about Tanu Jain

Where is Dr Tanu Jain now?

Jain is currently residing in New Delhi and she is the Assistant Director in DRDO.

Is Dr Tanu Jain an IAS officer?

Yes, Tanu is an IAS officer and UPSC topper. Who is currently serving as the Assistant Director in DRDO.

What is the age of Dr Tanu?

It is hard to tell the accurate age of Tanu but she is not more than 40 years of age.

Is Tanu Jain MBBS or BDS?

According to some sources, we can tell that Tanu has completed her BDS from Subharthi Medical College, Meerut.

We hope this biography article of Tanu Jain will be helpful for you to understand her journey and works.

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