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Success Story of Garima, An IPS Officer

बचपन का सपना था आईएएस बनना

This is how Garima, who studied in Hindi medium, crossed the journey from IPS to IAS

Garima, who cleared the UPSC exam in her first attempt, first became an IPS, then while continuing her studies along with training, topped and became an IAS. Today we know about the journey of Garima.

Success Story of IAS Topper Garima Agrawal: UPSC is considered such a difficult exam in which people yearn for success once. On the other hand, there are some candidates whose luck and their hard work takes them to this point again and again. Today we will talk about Garima Agarwal of Khargone, a small place in Madhya Pradesh. If you look at the background of Garima, it will be revealed that she achieved a lot in her student life and she has always been a brilliant student. But this journey to reach the best is not that easy, nor is this success so easy. Everyone has their own struggles in life. She was also of dignity but after overcoming all the struggles, she achieved this success. Today we know about this journey full of dignity.

Garima has studied from Hindi medium

Garima is also a great inspiration for those candidates who feel that the study done from Hindi medium can become a hindrance in their career. Garima’s complete schooling was done from the State Board in her town, but Garima kept on achieving success in her life. She got 92% marks in 10th and 89% in 12th. Not only this, because of her excellent board results, she got to complete one year of higher secondary education in Minnesota, USA, under the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. Garima’s mother Kiran Aggarwal is a homemaker and father Kalyan Aggarwal is a businessman and social worker. Garima’s elder sister Preeti Agarwal is also working in the Indian Postal Service after passing the UPSC exam in the year 2013. Her husband Shekhar Giridih is also an IRS officer. Belonging to such a family is a matter of pride in itself, but it does not reduce your struggle. In an interview, Garima says that the people of your family are in this service, but you get the benefit of this, but you have to study, you do the hard work and every kind of struggle is yours. This cannot be avoided and one has to give her hundred percent.

IPS made in first attempt

After school, Garima gave JEE and got selected. After this she graduated from IIT Hyderabad and did internship from Germany. Here she also got a job offer, but Garima, who always wanted to do social service, said no to this job. After preparing for the exam for about one and a half years, Garima gave the UPSC exam for the first time in the year 2017 and got selected in the very first attempt. Garima had 241st rank and got IPS service. Garima was satisfied with her success but she found IAS a more attractive field. Here Garima joined the training of IPS and since she had already prepared for UPSC, she made up her mind to take the exam again while continuing her preparation once again. Garima’s hard work and dedication has to be appreciated that even with the training, she not only passed the UPSC exam in the very next year i.e. in the year 2018, but also topped by securing 40th rank. With this her childhood dream came true.

Retired from social media

Everyone can see this success of Garima, but very few people know the struggle and hard work behind it. It was not easy to write exams in English and read news papers for the dignity of Hindi medium. Initially, it used to take him three hours just to read the paper. Despite Hindi medium, she chose to appear in English as study material in Hindi was not available as per her requirement. She did not face much language problem in engineering because most of the calculations remained or coding. Writing effective answers was the biggest challenge in UPSC Mains, to overcome which she did a lot of answer writing practice. Garima says, dedicated preparation of one or one and a half years can give you success, just don’t do anything else in this one or two years and focus only on clearing UPSC. Neither prepare for any other government exam nor give any other paper.

Garima says that to avoid distractions at the time of preparation, she had deleted all her social media accounts for two years. In this journey, Garima does not underestimate the contribution of her parents who showed faith only on their children without listening to family and society and their children also respected them.

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