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UPSC Topper : Anju Sharma

IAS Success Story: स्कूल में फेल होने के बाद भी Anju Sharma बनीं IAS ऑफिसर,  पहले ही प्रयास में किया UPSC क्रैक | Anju Sharma became IAS officer even  after failing in

IAS Officer Success Story:

Passing UPSC exam is not child’s play, because lakhs of candidates prepare for this exam and out of that only about 500 to 1500 candidates get success. There are so many stages in this exam that you should have patience along with working hard in it. This exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. Similarly, today we will tell you about an IAS officer who failed in class 10th-12th, but she passed the IAS exam in one go.

IAS Anju Sharma failed in the economics paper in class 12th and failed in the pre-board exam in class 10th. Let us tell you that she got distinctions in the rest of the subjects. Anju Sharma has told that people remember you for your success and not for your failures. She tells that this life event has shaped her future. She tells that in the pre-board exam, I had a lot of chapters to read and I had to study after eating, at that time, I started to panic because I had not prepared and I knew that I was going to fail. In such a situation, everyone explained to me that further studies are decided on the basis of class 10th result.

In those difficult times, his mother consoled him and kept motivating him. She tells that at this time she also learned a lesson that one should not depend on the last minute for studies. Just after this, she already started preparing in college and became a gold medalist in her college. She completed B.Sc. and MBA from Jaipur. Under this strategy, she passed the UPSC exam in the first attempt itself. She had already completed the syllabus and thus made it to the list of IAS Toppers.

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