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UPSC Topper : Pooja Jha Rank 82

Cracking UPSC CSE in 1st Attempt, Pooja Jha on Fighting Bias

The UPSC exam conducted by India is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country, otherwise, every year lakhs of students take part in this exam hoping to get success in this exam, but some accomplished students are able to achieve success.

Along with this, a few skilled candidates who get success on their first attempt in this tough exam emerge as a source of inspiration for many youths of the country.

Every year, lakhs of candidates take part in this exam to get success in this difficult exam of India, along with this, self-study and self-help coaching, and the internet help them to make themselves proficient in order to get success in this exam. At the same time, we try to achieve success in this examination by keeping our mental state and motivating ourselves.

There are many candidates who take part in the tough exam of UPSC who crack this tough exam in their first attempt and come out as a source of inspiration for many aspirants in the country.

There are many students who give up after failures, but there are many students who try to achieve success even after repeated failures.

Today we are going to tell you about one such candidate Pooja Jha, for information let us tell you that Pooja Jha has achieved success in the tough UPSC exam in her first attempt and has come at 82nd position in All Over India and I have fulfilled my dream of becoming an IAS.

For information, let us tell you that Pooja Jha belongs to a poor family, that is, her father works as a peon, and her mother takes care of the house, but Pooja’s family wanted a son, who after the arrival of Pooja is completed.

Pooja is the fifth daughter in her family, and Pooja is the only one who has completed her studies till 12th, Pooja has completed her early studies from MSD School.

After completing her early education, Pooja started her doctorate studies in full swing after passing the entrance exam of dentist in Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences for her further studies.

It has been learned from the news that all the sisters of Pooja were married at a young age, but to avoid equality, Pooja used to take support of studies and used to come first in every class, during this time every time she came home There used to be a celebration.

During this, Pooja made a habit of coming first and till date, coming first in every field has become her habit, along with this, let us tell you that at the time when Pooja was studying her dentist, at that time she was preparing for UPSC. During this time she was preparing for UPSC exam along with her dentist studies.

After securing 82nd rank
For information, let us tell you that Pooja Jha prepared for UPSC exam along with her dentist studies, after that she made her first attempt in UPSC exam.

Pooja has been able to fulfill her dream by securing All Over India 82nd rank in her first attempt, along with this there is a lot of happiness in her family.

During this, IAS Pooja Jha tells that it is very important to have self-made quality within oneself to achieve success in UPSC exam.

“Don’t wait for any specific time for success!
Rather make your every time special !!

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