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Top 5 IAS Coaching Institutes in Kanpur

Civil Services Examination is a provocation that millions of students take up every year. As the number of IAS aspirants increases so does the competition. The Exams is conducted every year by UPSC, the abbreviated form of Union Public Service Commission. We have compiled for you a list of Top 5 IAS coaching institutes in Kanpur

The exam is composed of three stages, namely the Preliminary examination, the Main Examination and the Interview. The Preliminary Examination being an objective type is just a form of screening test.  Thus, the marks obtained in the prelims are not counted along with the mains. All the candidates who pass the prelims can appear for the mains and the interview.

IAS examination is one of the toughest exams in India. This very reason makes it even harder for the candidates to pass with flying colours right at the first attempt. However, hard work and true dedication would help every candidate clear this exam with quality results.

Why IAS?

In the present world, students are going crazy about IAS. Nonetheless, the journey from a dreamer to an IAS officer is no joke. The craze for IAS is something that unfolds with time. When in high school, there might have only been a handful of students who really wanted to pursue the career of an IAS officer.

However, by the time you finally move into a college and complete your graduation, the number of IAS aspirants around you would have climbed up the hill. Nevertheless, students are still mad about IAS and here is why.

  1. Prestige and Power –Becoming an IAS officer isn’t a five-finger exercise. Thus, with the job comes an enormous lot of power and prestige. If you are an IAS aspirant, then you would be probably envious of all the IAS officers that you have seen or known. Once you transform into an IAS officer the world will see you with certain envy as well.

 Furthermore, as an IAS officer, you would be asked to make tons of important decisions. The power you receive as a civil servant is obviously stupendous.

  1. Perks and Compensation –Salary that the government job pays is always a thing to be jealous of. An IAS officer can expect an initial salary of Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 80,000. Alongside, you also get to experience things that much more awe-inspiring. A free car, phone, travel compensation, children education allowances are all perks of being a civil servant.
  2. Work-Life Balance – The chances of having a well-balanced life is much higher compared to any other corporate jobs. You get to enjoy five years of unpaid leave, thirty days of earned live, a five-day work week and more. This is definitely something that candidates shouldn’t compromise with.
  3. Contributing to Your Country – To top everything off, an IAS officer gets the opportunity to serve the country better. From development to health care, you get to work in various fields that wouldn’t have been possible if not for an IAS officer. With the social services that you do, you are even eligible for much more perks including opportunities to travel abroad.

 With such benefits that the job offers, it is no surprise that millions of candidates appear for the exam every year. Dreams are shattered and made every year. However, IAS examination still continues to be popular among the billion candidates.

Choosing an IAS Coaching Institute

IAS coaching centres are turning one of the most sought-after institutions in India. But with a vast amount of coaching institutions spread all across the country, how do you opt for the right one?

The first option would be to inquire about the academics to both the old and new students. Secondly, look at the faculty members and the infrastructure of the academy. You could even take into consideration the quality of the study materials and the reports of the past years.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that an institution could only guide you. The alumni of an institution being topper don’t mean that enrolling there would help you become a topper as well. As a matter of fact, you are solely the person responsible for your results.

Let us now have a look at the top five

IAS coaching institutes in Kanpur

First in our list of IAS coaching institutes in Kanpur is

Chahal Academy

Led by their Director, Mr. Sumesh Chahal, Chahal Academy today attracts some of the finest educators from premier universities and research institutions. Many of their faculty members are drawn from Delhi University and renowned institutions and all those who have UPSC exposure and faced interview two or three times. The faculty offers deep insights into the subject.

They have developed unique teaching methodologies focused on a lucid explanation of key concepts and developing an analytical understanding of the topics taught by them. They also provide special classes that mainly focus on solving problems by applying shortcut methods to enhance the time-management skills while appearing for the examination.

They have come up with the concept of refresher classes to strengthen the fundamentals concepts of the students studying there. They cover the entire course with due diligence to give the students the conceptual clarity over the subjects.

Over the years, they have produced many top-rankers and the graph is increasing year by year.

Address:- Chahal Academy Private Limited-2nd Floor, Clyde House, Opposite Heer Palace Cinema,The Mall Road, Kanpur Cantonment, Kanpur-208004, Uttar Pradesh

Contact:- +91-7284011227



Second in our list of IAS coaching institutes in Kanpur is

Utkarsh Academy 

Lead by Dr Pradeep Dixit and Mrs Alka Dixit, the coaching institution has been in the industry for the past twenty-five years. Throughout the time, the academy has been spectator for over 2000 selections. The campus was born as a mini classroom, which later on grew to a campus consisting of three buildings.

The institution now provides hostel facilities. The administrators argue that they aren’t just an institution but a garden that nurtures fragrant flowers. The results have always been stunning when it comes to this academy.

Alongside IAS coaching, the academy also offers coaching for other competitive exams.

Address : Utkarsh Academy, 12/206, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Contact : +91-512-2526357, +91-8174800330

E mail :


Third in our list of IAS coaching institutes in Kanpur is

Dhyeya IAS 

Found by Mr Vinay Singh and Mr Q. H. Khan, this age-old academy has built an unbeatable record of success. In the present day, Dhyeya institution is one among the top academies offering Civil Services Examination coaching.

The institution features expert faculties along with study materials specially designed for the desired goal. The coaching classes conducted at this campus vary from the ones being held in schools and colleges. The directors believe that they have the talent to help the candidates find their right potential within themselves.

Address : 113/154,, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002

Contact : 072756 13962

E mail :


Fourth in the list of IAS coaching institutes in Kanpur is

ALS Academy

The premier academy runs with the solitary aim to enable and empower candidates to transform into remarkable civil servants. The institution is open to students who would like to make use of their high-end educational programs.

Their educational programs also include personality development sessions that would help the candidate be a better citizen. The institution is best known for their Geography, history, and Sociology classes in both English and Hindi medium. Workshops, self-evaluation, class tests, and training programs are all part of ALS’s well-designed structure.

Address : 113/121 B, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur – 208002, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208002

Contact : 079051 30974

E mail :


Fifth in the list of IAS coaching institutes in Kanpur is

Gurumantra IAS Academy

Gurumantra IAS Academy uses a consolidated strategy to develop a proficient civil servant out of every candidate. The academy comprises of the best teachers in the force. They make use of the latest technology to put forward a great learning platform.

The aptitude tests and skill development sessions are among the main highlights of the campus. The aptitude tests are designed to identify every candidate’s strong skills and to refurbish their weak ones.

The institution aim at developing bright minds for the country, to turn it into a developed nation.

Address :112/206-B, Near Utkarsh Academy, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur – 208002, Khairabaad Eye Hospital

Contact : 079913 98040


That was all about the top institutions offering IAS coaching in Kanpur. Now is the time for you to find the right coaching centre that suits your needs from the above list. Don’t wait for the opportunity to knock on your door, rather go find your opportunity.

The minimum age requires to qualify for the exam is 21 years and the upper limit is 32 years. So it is no time to waste. The best studying methodologies and some good guidance will help you crack the exam with much ease.

Hope you find this list helpful and informative. Good luck in all your future attempts at clearing the IAS!

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