Graduation Subjects Vs Optional Subjects

Many of us have chosen our college majors based on our interests and the knowledge we acquired up to 12th grade. Recently, however, it has become a trend for aspirants to choose their college major based on what optional subject they wish to take in the IAS exam.

Carefully consider your options before selecting a graduation subject. College level courses should be chosen based on your interests and learning abilities, rather than focusing on optional subjects. This will ensure a more expansive and enriching educational experience.

We are aware that many people do not have the privilege to choose a subject of interest and then make it their major. For example, I studied Physics Honors in college but had to take Psychology as my optional subject. I hope that in the future, more people have the opportunity to pursue their interests.

College provides us with an opportunity to explore and discover our capabilities. The courses we take could be foundational to our lives and can even act as a backup plan if we don’t pass the UPSC exam.

To gain a more well-rounded understanding, We suggest broadening your perspective and studying topics that are of interest to you, rather than solely focusing on the materials included in the syllabus for your exam. Optional subjects can offer valuable insight and should be taken into consideration when deciding what to study.

If you have done the necessary research and analysis, there may be no harm in taking the graduation subject of your choice.

There are other factors and parameters that will be discussed in detail in a later chapter regarding the optional subject.


An informed aspirant will consider both their interests and UPSC preparation when selecting a graduation subject. A wise decision will be made when both factors are kept in mind before joining college after 12th examination.


By keeping our interest and UPSC preparation in mind, we can pick a subject to master during our graduation. This will improve our performance, and by the end of our graduation our optional subject will be ready. All that will be left to do is revise, practice writing, and take mock tests.

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