Why should you choose Maths as an optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services Exam?

UPSC examinations are held to operationalize the work in the administrative departments, revenue departments, planning and coordination department, income generation department, policy approval and sanctioning department, and disbursal of orders and instructions departments. Maths is considered to be a core area of any Civil Service Examination Preparation and it is very important for the presence of Mathematics as a part of your curriculum. Even if you do not keep it as a permanent option in your curriculum, you can keep it as an optional part of your syllabus and the following advantages are associated with keeping Mathematics as an optional part of your syllabus

Scoring a high percentage of marks

The first advantage associated with keeping maths as an optional subject in the UPSC examination is that you can score a considerably high proportion of marks if you can understand the nuances of the subject properly. Mathematics is all about understanding the core principles of the subject and understanding the functioning of the mathematical applications as they can help in generating interest in the core principles of functioning mathematics.

For example- Mathematics can be divided into two principal branches- business mathematics and pure mathematics. Business mathematics involves the active usage of the business principles and concepts of mathematics while Pure Mathematics involves the concept of algebra, geometry, and mensuration.

Easier to understand and comprehend

The biggest advantage attached to keeping Mathematics as an optional paper in the UPSC examination is the easy compressibility and understanding of the functioning and guiding knowledge about the basic ideologies of mathematical applications and therefore rendering true value to the fundamental concepts of mathematical principles and application. Moreover, if you understand the subject and fall in love with it, this practice-oriented subject becomes your favorite and then you can easily solve complex calculations. When you find the subject interesting you automatically invest more time to enhance your understanding of the concept and functioning of the subject of mathematics. Therefore you will find Mathematics to have varied applications in the field of business orientation.

Absence of Competition

Whenever you take up Mathematics as a part of your curriculum, you find yourself to be sailing on a deserted island. Although the phrase might sound depressing initially, there is a significant element of truth to it because if you are an undergraduate or Postgraduate in Mathematics, you truly are among a select group of people who have learned all the basic and complex conceptually inclined analysis of Mathematics. Thus you would not have been able to pursue Mathematics as a valid field of study had you not been interested in the subject. Therefore when you take up Mathematics as a part of your study curriculum you find yourself alone without any competition chasing you since people tend to shun away professional-level Mathematics as the complex calculations associated with it just tend to make your life miserable if you are not well acquainted with it. Thus if you take Mathematics as an optional paper, you will have less competition and more chances to emerge successfully.

Confidence about Preparation

In Mathematics you are sure and confident about your preparation. The basic concepts of the subject involve the practical orientation of the mathematical principles associated with the subject like understanding Mathematical problems, analyzing solutions, and finding out the requisite answer according to the curriculum provided. Moreover, in the case of Mathematics, you know if you have prepared well since you will be well ahead of the curve as you would be well aware of the answers or the solutions to the problems that are provided in your Mathematical curriculum. Thus your confidence exudes when you solve a sum correctly. Unlike arts, it does not involve any subjectivity in the process of evaluation.

Static and Principle-Oriented Subject

Finally, Mathematics is a static subject and does revolve around the basic idea of understanding the principles of application and understanding thereby guiding the functioning of Mathematical applications. It has certain fixed principles based on which it operates and a fixed curriculum ensures that the syllabus is static, unlike current affairs.

Thus keeping Mathematics as an optional choice in your UPSC curriculum would help you in analyzing problems and creating opportunities for understanding principle oriented study.

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